Megan Ferguson On 'The Comedians' Is Adding To Her Impressive List Of TV Shows She's Been On

Obviously (and understandably), Billy Crystal and Josh Gad are the most talked-about stars of FX's new series The Comedians, but those famous men aren't the only actors in the show. Megan Ferguson is also on The Comedians , so where have you seen her before? The actress portrays production assistant Esme on The Comedians and though she may be unhappy with her job in the TV show, she has actually worked alongside Gad before. Ferguson was in the 2010 film Love & Other Drugs (where Gad inexplicably portrayed Jake Gyllenhaal's brother). Yet, she's probably most recognized for her small roles on a bunch of fabulous TV shows.

Although The Comedians isn't getting rave reviews, Ferguson's acting career is on the rise. She will be in the movie The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving, which started filming in Jan. and also stars Paul Rudd and Selena Gomez. But you can see Ferguson on TV first when The Comedians premieres on Thursday, April 9 at 10 pm. And though the actress may end up doing more movies in the future, she is a fan of a strong (and funny) women on TV. Ferguson told Refinery29, "Delta Burke and Rue McClanahan probably shaped more of my vision of myself than they probably should have in Designing Women and Golden Girls. I definitely identified with those ladies at a young age. I love a strong, sassy, slightly-a-mess character on a woman."

Since Ferguson has such amazing taste in women on TV — and in TV shows she has chosen to act in — let's check out her TV roles before The Comedians .

Boardwalk Empire

Ferguson portrayed Claudia, the girlfriend of traveling salesman George Baxter, in one episode of Season 1 of the HBO series Boardwalk Empire.

Mad Men

Another critically-acclaimed historical TV show, Mad Men, also had Ferguson in two episodes in Season 6 as Ms. Swenson — a woman from Don Draper's/Dick Whitman's past.

Almost Human

Ferguson was in one episode of the now-canceled sci-fi show Almost Human. (You know — the one with a robot cop.) Hey, you can't always be a guest star on a show as iconic as Mad Men.

The League

Like The Comedians, The League started on FX and Ferguson was in Season 6 of the fantasy football comedy as Crazy Tiffany — who was involved with Taco's Eskimo Brother bed and breakfast. (Yeaaaah, you just gotta watch The League to get it.)

Hart Of Dixie

In one of her more regular roles, Ferguson was Daisy on Rachel Bilson's Hart of Dixie. Daisy dated Scott Porter's George on the (possibly canceled?) CW show.

Battle Creek

Ferguson was just on the new Vince Gilligan show Battle Creek in the March 29 episode "Old Flames" as Tina. And though Ferguson has been in some great shows over the years as a guest star, she now finally has come into her own as a series regular on The Comedians . Here's hoping the new FX series succeeds more than its fake show-within-a-show The Billy & Josh Show.

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