Is Sadie Stone Leaving 'Nashville' For Good? Laura Benanti's Character Said Goodbye & Has Us Worried

I'm afraid our Wednesdays might have a little less Laura Benanti in them now that beloved character Sadie Stone is leaving Nashville after accidentally killing her ex-husband Pete. Last week, we saw Pete attack Sadie in a parking lot after violating her restraining order against him, at which point she pulled out the gun she bought in secret and shot him. Luke happened to be at the scene, and it wasn't until after the two of them were extensively interrogated that it was revealed that Pete did, in fact, die from the gunshot, and Sadie was devastated. Not only did she kill him, but because there were no witnesses to the crime and because she had said something that apparently could be perceived as a "threat" against him on national television that morning, her case was staying open as a possible homicide.

Fortunately, the charges were dropped, but not necessarily without consequences. Luke Wheeler lied for her and said that he had seen the entire incident firsthand, when we all know for a fact that he couldn't have. I imagine this is going to backfire in the form of security camera footage in the near future, which will reopen all kinds of drama. In the meantime, Sadie is headed back to Virginia, and has all but dashed our hopes of her getting together with Luke—or even pursuing a career in Nashville at all.

The way her character exited the show right now, it certainly seemed like this was going to be the last we saw of Sadie for a while. Does that mean that Laura Benanti isn't going to be on Nashville anymore? It's terrible to think that Pete, selfish and mean as he was, still has this much power over her when she truly did nothing but defend herself from him. Even if we don't get to see her, something tells me we're going to get a lot of Luke pining over her harmony lines on their catchy duet for "Can't Help My Heart," so maybe their work together on that will find some way to lure her back when she is good and ready.

Image: Mark Levine/ABC