Mia Z From 'The Voice' On Wednesday Night's Top 12 Results & Loving Los Angeles

It's official: The Voice's Mia Z is in love — with Los Angeles. And she's happy to be able to stay in the City of Angels a bit longer. America voted Mia Z into The Voice Top 12 on Wednesday night, along with teammate Sawyer Fredericks and she was excited to be apart of it all, but sad to say goodbye to Hannah Kirby, Lowell Oakley, Cailtin Caporale, fellow members from coach Pharrell Williams's team. "It was definitely bittersweet," Mia Z (full last name: Zanotti) told reporters after the show taped on Wednesday.

"I was like blank — I didn't expect it, didn't see it coming, and it was like, 'Oh America, thank you'," she said. "It was also so sad seeing Caitlin and Lowell's faces. They congratulated me and us, but the tears were coming." Williams chose to save Koryn Hawthorne from elimination to round out his team going into the Top 12 playoffs next week. The 16-year-old vocal powerhouse Mia Z won the hearts of voters with her stunning and haunting rendition of Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine" on Monday night.

She said she's learned a lot from Williams, but most of all, has come to enjoy the camaraderie with the other artists on the show. "I definitely learned that there's so much talent out there and the bonds that we've built with everyone here are really cool," Mia Z said "I've never had anything like that before and I definitely cherish it."

The Pennsylvania native has also learned something else: She loves LA. Some of her family is with her for the show and she does miss cooking Sunday dinners and seeing her grandparents at home in Hyde Park (near Pittsburgh), she says that Facetime has definitely come in handy to keep in touch as she's been charmed by LA's nice weather and connection to the music industry.

"I want to move to LA, like now — today," she said. "[Back home] have trees and there are farms around me. That's just not me and it's so hard, but my whole family's there, so that's the struggle factor, but ultimately, I want to live here in LA."

If she keeps this singing streak up, she just might get her wish.

Images: Tyler Golden/NBC