'The Voice' Top 12 Contestants Were Announced & There Are Quite A Few Upsets

Whether you voted or not, The Voice Top 12 results are here — and they're full of surprises. This was a MAJOR cut, especially when all of the contestants are crazy talented. The coaches are left with three team members each: two who received the most votes from America and one that the coach chose to stay. Many favorites remained in the game, but there were a few upsets that have fans questioning the coaches (and fellow voters) decisions. Here are your Top 12:

Team Christina

Kimberly Nichole

The "Rocker Ballerina" left it all on the stage in her Live Playoffs performance and earned her spot in the Top 12. She'll be in this competition for a while.

India Carney

Again, no surprise here. It was obvious Carney would make it to the Top 12 as soon as Coach Christina gave her own song to the contestant to sing.

Christina's Save: Rob Taylor

The token male performer on Team Christina admitted to struggling with hate from social media over the past few weeks, but pushed all that aside to give a killer performance last night — earning his spot in the Top 12.

Sent Home: Sonic, Lexi Davila

Team Blake

Corey Kent White

This one surprised me a bit. Blake's team was full of really strong talent and White just wasn't quite on the same level as his teammates. His country roots and boyish charm definitely won over the fans, though.

Meghan Linsey

Girl can SING. No surprise here. We'll be watching her for a while in this competition.

Blake's Save: Hannah Kirby

Kirby's The Voice journey has been pretty crazy. Blake gave her up and she was stolen by Pharrell. Pharrell gave her up and she was stolen back by Blake. And now Blake saved her again. She is certainly special, and I can't wait to see what Blake has in store for her.

Sent Home: This was a MAJOR shock. Experienced rocker Sarah Potenza was sent packing after nailing every single performance she gave. I seriously thought she would take the whole thing, but other fans clearly thought otherwise. The competition just got a whole lot easier for the other contestants. Brooke Adee was also sent home.

Team Pharrell

Sawyer Fredericks

Fredericks has been a favorite since his Blind Audition and many fans on Twitter are even choosing him as the winner.

Mia Z

This girl makes hitting the high notes look as easy as singing the alphabet. There was no way she was going home this early.

Pharrell's Save: Koryn Hawthorne

Pharrell's all about nurturing his team members' potential. Hawthorne still has a lot to learn before she embarks on a successful music career — but the fact that Pharrell saved her over a stronger performer shows that he sees a big future for her.

Sent Home: Here's that "stronger performer" I mentioned — Caitlin Caporale was given the boot. She's another one that's been giving strong performances from the start. If there were room for her on Team Christina at the beginning, she'd most likely be in a different position right now. Lowell Oakley was also sent home.

Team Adam

Joshua Davis

There's just something about Davis that makes him so likable. He's really talented, but I'm sure having his wife holding his adorable newborn son in the audience didn't hurt his chances.

Deanna Johnson

Johnson has something special, she just needs to believe it. Maybe being in the Top 12 will give her the boost she needs to own her talent.

Adam's Save: Brian Johnson

I've been a fan of his since his Blind Audition and am so glad Adam saved him. He has an amazing talent and an even more amazing story that makes him an important role model for kids today.

Sent Home: Yet another upset. Prison choir director Tonya Boyd-Cannon was eliminated. Clearly, America's not looking for a powerhouse female vocalist this season. Nathan Hermeida was also eliminated.

Well, there's your Top 12. This could be the most talented group The Voice has seen over the past few seasons. Christina definitely has the team to beat and could finally earn her first win. She'll have to watch out for Team Blake and Team Pharrell — but Team Adam doesn't quite have the power to threaten the strongest members of the other teams. My early prediction? Kimberly Nichole or Meghan Linsey. Who do you think will take home the title?

Image: Trae Patton/NBC