'Bachelorette' with Kaitlyn and Britt Will Premiere in May

Nearly as beloved a spring tradition as harvest festivals and Easter egg hunts, The Bachelorette is setting up its usual spot in the middle of May for the launch of a new season. Not above a few shakeups, the forthcoming eleventh season of the ABC dating competition series will feature two central bachelorettes to face off in the premiere for claim to season stardom. The pair will take center stage on May 18, kicking off the usual 10-week run of the reality program.

The ladies in question this time around: Bachelor Season 19 competitors, dance instructor Kaitlyn Bristowe and waitress Britt Nillson. Eroding any semblance of female empowerment that might be represented by a show like The Bachelorette, Bristowe and Nillson will actually compete for the Bachelorette title in the premiere, vying for election by the 25 men over whom they will then proceed to lord.

Whether or not the new twist on the series will effectively shake up the formula — or whether or not the reliable guilty pleasure even needs shaking up to begin with — is yet to be seen. Either way, excitement bounds for yet another go 'round with our culture's unofficial springtime festivity.

The episode will air on May 18 at 9 PM ET/PT.

Image: ABC