Double 'Bachelorettes' Is Already a Problem

After the (truly) shocking announcement that there will be not one, but two Bachelorettes in 2015, fans freaked out. Many (including myself) had been ready for Kaitlyn to be selected as she seemed the natural choice. But both Kaitlyn and Britt are going to be Bachelorettes, at least for one night. During the premiere the men of the house will choose who they want to court for the season, and yes this is the most misogynistic thing the show has done since unwittingly casting Juan Pablo the mega-jerk. Update: Bustle reached out to ABC, but the network declined to comment.

But worse than that is that the #TeamBritt vs. #TeamKaitlyn debate has already begun, and there's no way this is going to end well. Haters are coming out of the woodwork for both ladies, and it's sad to watch. Someone is going to get their feelings hurt, and that's never fun. If the point of this twist was to make Britt and Kaitlyn both feel bad about themselves, then congrats because that's what it's done.

Neither lady is really allowed to be excited for her journey because it might not happen if they don't get chosen by the men. Also, neither lady gets to feel special and experience her own path to love because they were paired together to promote the show and start their journey. But worst of all, someone is going to get hurt, and pretty badly. Not only do they have to undergo scrutiny from men they've never met before, but the public is already tearing both of them to shreds to prop the other one up.

It makes rooting for your favorite pretty horrible, because you're doing it at the expense of someone else. I want to be stoked for Kaitlyn, but I also don't want to be all #TeamKaitlyn because Britt has feelings too. It's an unfair situation all the way around, and I can't see it ending any way other than badly.

So yeah, ABC, it's gonna be dramatic. But it's also going to painful, and I don't think that should have been so easily overlooked by those who made this awful decision.

Images: David Moir/ABC (2)