This Best Man Speech Is A Mash-Up Of Different Songs And It's Absolutely Perfect — VIDEO

Having been a maid of honor twice, I know from experience that giving a speech at a wedding reception is hard — really hard. How do you find the right balance of funny and heartfelt? How do you make sure everyone understands the in-jokes between you and the bride? How do you make sure that you say something that the bride and groom will be able to treasure forever? How do you deal with all the pressure without throwing up on yourself?! Really, no one knows how to write a wedding toast, or how to give a maid of honor speech. It's just a weird, hard, and important thing. Knowing how difficult it can be makes me doubly impressed when a maid of honor or best man manages to give an amazing speech, as Daniel Buccheri does in a video of the speech he gave at his brother’s wedding in March. Buccheri, a musician based in Melbourne, decided to spice up the average best man’s speech by singing instead of speaking, and he finds that elusive balance between being really funny and making everyone cry at the same time.

Buccheri sings his speech to the tunes of major pop hits, starting with “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith, and following with snippets from The Police, Elton John, R. Kelly, The Backstreet Boys, and Train. He begins on a humorous note, singing,

And now you’re here with me,

I’m singing my, my best man’s speech

For my brother and his wife

And now they’re stuck together, for life.

He goes on to recount how he knew it was love when his brother let the dogs on the carpet:

And although you met on the Internet,

I know this love is true.

It's enough to let the dogs on your expensive rug

And not keep them outside.

At the end, He takes a turn toward the serious, singing,

I’m so proud of you,

All you’ve done for me,

Whether you realize or not,

I’ve always looked up to you.

And then everyone is crying, including his brother:


Buccheri tells Mashable that the popularity of the video (viewed more than a million times on YouTube) was a happy accident, recalling,

When I wrote it, it was partly due to stress because I knew I had to write something and I left it quite late. […] I didn't expect it to go viral, it was just something that came out and fell together like it did. It just had all the right elements.

He says that the success of his speech has inspired his work as a musician, remarking,

People have been saying how much they teared up, not knowing us and not knowing the family. If I can make the impact with a wedding speech, then hopefully I can do that with my own music

You can check out Buccheri’s original music on his YouTube channel.

Daniel Buccheri on YouTube

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