12 Best Tom Hiddleston MTV Movie Award Moments, Because We Should Never Forget 2013

I'm a firm believer that Tom Hiddleston's presence makes any event ten times better — especially if it's an awards show and especially if he wins. Let me take you back to a time in 2013 when Tom Hiddleston went to the MTV Movie Awards to collect his Best Villain popcorn trophy. He won over both the room and those watching at home. With this year's ceremony taking place on Sunday, it reminded me of how great that last appearance of his was. I don't know if he will attend this year's MTV Movie Awards (one can always hope). But even if he doesn't go, at least we have Hiddleston's best MTV Movie Award moments to remember him by.

It's rare for an actor to travel from overseas for a lower key awards show like this one. It's certainly not the Oscars. But the MTV Movie Awards are an excellent display of fun, and the less serious atmosphere allowed Hiddleston to really shine. At that point in 2013, he was best known for playing the evil Loki, but the awards show gave him a chance to show off his other sides. Hiddleston is really funny, very sweet, and incredibly charismatic — and he got to put all of that on display in April 2013.

It was easily one of the best shows ever. Hiddlestoners tuned in hoping they'd be lucky just to see him arrive on the red carpet. Little did we know it was going to turn into the Tom Hiddleston show and that it would be this flawless.

He Looked Amazing

Still one of my favorite outfits of his. So classy.

He Was Burdened With Glorious Popcorn

In his excellent accepatance speech, Hiddleston repurposed Loki's classic line for the occasion.

And Then He Tried to Eat It

I wonder if he was as disappointed as J. Law that it wasn't real.

He Gave a One Direction Shout Out

In this edition of "when fandoms collide," Hiddleston mentioned Liam Payne's dog named Loki. For one shining moment the 1D fangirls and Hiddlestoners were united as one.

He Hugged Anyone & Everyone (Including a Stuffed Koala Bear)

Chris Evans tried to get away with the handshake, but Hiddles went in for the hug instead.

Petition to change his name to Tom Huggleston.

He Couldn't Understand Being "Not Humbled"

As one Tumblr user pointed out, "It was as if his brain was trying to buffer what 'not humbled’ means." Oh Joss Whedon, you should know better. Hiddleston is the king of manners; he's always humbled.

He Gave His Coat to a Freezing Reporter

See what I mean about manners?

He Included Everyone in His Acceptance Speech

You get some Hiddles love! And you get some Hiddles love! EVERYBODY GETS HIDDLES LOVE!

When He and His Publicist Clapped In Synchronization

That should be an Olympic sport.

He Thought So Hard That He Broke

You can't ask Hiddleston to pick his favorite anything. He loves all the things.

He Flirted With the Interviewers

I'm sure they didn't mind.

And Was Just, In General, Perfect

See? Even he knows it. Here's hoping he brings that perfection back to the MTV Movie Awards sometime soon.

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