What's Britney & Iggy's New Single About?

by Alex Kritselis

We're getting closer: Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea's new single, "Pretty Girls," reportedly premieres on May 5. On Wednesday, Spears shared a pic from the "Pretty Girls" music video rehearsal on Instagram, and it'll definitely get you amped for the upcoming duet. Unfortunately, aside from the title, we don't have many concrete details about Spears and Azalea's much-anticipated collaboration yet — and fans have a lot of questions! I've already discussed what the track could sound like, so, what might its lyrics be about? Based on the clues we have so far, I have a feeling "Pretty Girls" is a self-empowerment anthem. Let me explain...

We learned in March that "Pretty Girls" may have been co-written by Little Mix, a four-member group from the United Kingdom. The band has a history of penning songs with uplifting messages ("Wings," "Little Me," "Salute," etc.), and I think "Pretty Girls" could follow suit. Given its title, I also think "Pretty Girls'" lyrics could specifically focus on issues of self-image, self-acceptance, and body positivity. Of course, at this point, it's just a hunch, but if I'm right, I really hope the track will avoid clichés and cheesiness in general. Though they often get a bad wrap, self-empowerment anthems can be really great when executed correctly.

With any luck, Spears and Azalea will continue to tease "Pretty Girls" on social media in the coming days. We need more info, stat!