How Sugarcane Juice Can Help Your Skin

The first time I had sugarcane juice, I was unaware of what I was drinking. Even though the sweetness didn't escape my taste buds, the hydration I felt on that thick humid day replenished my energy almost instantly. Which only begged the question: If my body could reap the benefits of sugarcane juice, shouldn't my skin be able to do the same? With homemade sugar scrubs being prevalent in my skincare routine, I had no doubts that this stimulating, sweet drink could be an anti-aging dream at the very least. There is nothing wrong with having a sweet tooth for your skincare because those stimulating properties that make you feel more alert also give our skin a natural burst of energy, combating the appearance of dull skin.

Now, slow down before you start sucking down soda in attempts to heal your skin. Knocking back sugary drinks is not the key to clear, healthy skin. According to sources at Acne Einstein, it can do quite the opposite: By causing inflammation in the skin, sugar creates the perfect setting for acne to grow on our face. That puffiness that occurs after an evening of binging on sugary desserts is exactly what ages us the next day. Chowing down on tons of sugar can lead to similar side effects of drinking too much, especially in regards to dull skin and dark circles.

Sugar can be made from a range of sources, but pure sugarcane juice is derived directly from the tropical grass called sugarcane. According to sources at Stylecraze, sugarcane juice is alkalizing and rich in potassium, zinc, magnesium, iron, and antioxidants. The things that makes sugarcane juice stand out the most in skincare, however, are the phytonutrients that can reverse sun damage on our skin. Sugarcane juice is not only beneficial to us aging beauties out there; the alpha-hydroxy acid is a sure fire way to kick acne to the curb without drying out your skin.

Before your face starts craving for a sugar fix, make sure you have a hefty moisturizer with an SPF on hand to avoid sun damage. These sugarcane recipes below won't work to their maximum benefit without one!

Coffee And Sugarcane Exfoliating Scrub

According to sources at the Huffington Post, sugar naturally rejuvenates cells when used topically. Since we're all about getting rid of dead skin cells to make way for young cells to grow in, an exfoliate should be on your weekly skincare menu. Use two tablespoons of ground coffee, one tablespoon of pure sugarcane juice and mix vigorously. Next add eight dashes of sweet orange essential oil for vitamin C and to balance your mask. Exfoliate your face and neck gently for three minutes and rinse well.

Alpha-Hydroxy Fruit Facial

This recipe is a take on Jana Balinger's recipe from Care2. It's an excellent alpha-hydroxy face wash that you can use daily to help rejuvenate your skin and keep blemishes away. Use equal parts of lemon juice, cane sugar juice, apple juice, coconut milk, and grape juice and you'll be covering lactic, glycolic, malic, citrus, and tartaric acid all in one mask. I like to use coconut milk because it doesn't curdle as much as regular milk from all the juices added, but it's totally up to your preference. Store your extra wash in your refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Image: Rom, FoodThinkers/Flickr; Giphy; Kristin Collins Jackson