11 Makeup Storage Tips For Product Hoarders

I'll be the first to admit it; I have a bit of a product problem. Whether it's nail polish, lotion, face cream, perfume...or anything in between, odds are I have one or seven of it in my bathroom cabinet. I love to buy beauty products, but that does mean I'm always hunting for more makeup storage ideas. Otherwise, these products end up spilling onto my counter, shelves, desk — just about everywhere. When you have a million different beauty products, organization is difficult to say the least. Even if you're someone like me, who loves to have everything in its proper place, sometimes keeping track of it all can just be difficult. One day it's organized, and the next everything is a total mess.

Over the years, I've slowly learned the dos and don'ts of makeup organization (although I can't say I always abide by them), and there are more than a few products and tools out there to help you throw everything together. But sometimes all that help and organization just sounds a little overwhelming, right? Clear plastic organizational containers aren't for everyone, what can I say? Luckily, it all doesn't have to be that complicated — here are 11 tips, tricks, and tools for organizing all your beauty and makeup products in cool, easy, and (often) pretty ways. Have at it, clean freaks.

1. Old Candle Glasses

This is my personal favorite storage tip, and also the most fun. As a candle hoarder, I am always left with the empty candle glasses at the end, but they're the best for organization. Take the old candles when the wick has burnt out, put them in the freezer for a night or so, and then wedge out the frozen wax with a butter knife. Clean out the glasses completely and voila — you have easy makeup storage. See the bottom row of my product cabinet to get the idea.

2. Spinning Cosmetic Organizer

Spinning Cosmetic Organizer, $40, Bed Bath & Beyond

Things that spin are just more fun anyway, right?

3. Drawer Organizer

Expanding Acrylic Drawer Organizer, $20, The Container Store

This is a great way to hide your makeup and product organization in a drawer and not have to look at it every day. This one expands, too!

4. Stick On Pods

StickOnPods, $10, The Container Store

This is the best way to use empty space and to make the most of limited room for organization. And they're just so cute and tiny, right?

5. Know When To Throw Away Makeup

An easy way to make sure you're not hoarding products and to cut back on the mess instantly? Knowing when your makeup has gone past its expiration date.

6. Mason Jars

They're cheap, they're trendy, and they come in all sizes. Mason jars are an awesome way to organize all your different products in a totally uniform way.

7. Extra Shelves

Odds are, no matter how small your bathroom is, there's probably a free wall or two. Find some extra space for a couple small shelves and you'll have enough space to store all your lotions and hair products.

8. Raid Ikea

Ragrund Chair With Towel Rack, $50, ikea

You already know Ikea is the best, so why not use it to your advantage with all your products? This chair is part towel rack, part chair — but why not use the base of the chair to creatively store some products? Look at it as an more interesting way to display your prettiest products.

10. Stock Up On Shower Caddys

Immeln Shower Basket, $10, ikea

Get an extra shower rod and use it for extra shower caddy's. Put all your hair and bath products in those, and hide them behind the shower curtain so nothing looks too busy.

11. Tower Organizer

Stanton 6-Drawer Storage Tower, $149, ikea

If you really, really want something that can store EVERYTHING without you having to deal/see with any of it, then this is your best best. Throw and/or organize everything in the drawers, and it's all hidden away in a pretty, clean package. Perfection.