9 Things 'True Detective's Season 2 Trailer Tells Us, Because It's Not As Vague As It Seems — VIDEO

If you've been waiting intensely for the next season of True Detective, look no further. Thursday, the official teaser trailer for Season 2 of True Detective made it's debut, and it looks thoroughly intense. Well, from what we can gather from the video; unfortunately a teaser is just that — a tease — and we have to draw our own conclusions about what's going to happen this time around.

Of course the thing about True Detective is that it follows the American Horror Story school of thought and takes up a whole new, different story each season. Unlike American Horror Story, though, True Detective also revamps it's cast of characters with this new season — so this year, we've traded in Woody Harrelson for Vince Vaughn, and Matthew McConaughey for Colin Farrell.

True to form when it comes to this show, we have very few things to go on when it comes to Season 2, aside from it's seemingly based in California, and Rachel McAdams seems to be a cop or something.

Anyway, I did my own digging when I watched this trailer, and I think I made some pretty solid deductions about what's going to happen in Season 2. Here's what I'm thinking...

1. People will be driving on freeways.

"Freeway" is the West Coast variant of highways and the parkway, right? Because based on those bountiful mountains, this is certainly not New Jersey.

2. Regina George will have a hip, ombre bob cut.

Either the trendiest hairstyle I've ever seen, or she literally cut her hair with a dagger and let her roots grown in for three months. Either way, I dig it.

3. Great efforts will be made to make Colin Farrell, one of the sexiest actors of all time, look way haggard.

That mustache... it's not helping anyone.

4. Vince Vaughn and Farrell get into a staring contest.

Frankly a dumb idea on Farrell's part, since Vaughn hasn't slept since 1997, let alone closed his eyes.

Told ya.

5. More aerial shots will happen.

I was really afraid they would skimp on that.

6. Vaughn is definitely building a California.

Although I have to admit, I'm not entirely sure why.

7. Farrell will be ethically against traditional ties and bowties.

He will instead favor the ever-cringeworthy bolo tie, making him even more undesirable than I previously thought he could be.

8. Despite Farrell looking utterly haggard, it seems he may get into a relationship with McAdams.

Based on this sexy, intimate gazing.

Although I don't know, by that assumption, he might be getting into a relationship with Vaughn, too.

Also this guy.

9. There's going to be a robbery.

But it's going to be a secret robbery.


True Detective Season 2 will premiere on HBO on June 21. Check the trailer below:

HBO on YouTube

Image: YouTube/HBO