Guess What Color Jourdan Dunn's Hair Is Now?

Jourdan Dunn's having quite the year, isn't she? She walked at some of the biggest shows at fashion week in February, and her face has been everywhere as part of Maybelline's latest campaign (her Maybelline Rebel Bloom TV spot — along with the largely stellar reviews — even convinced me to pick up one of the lipsticks in Orchid Ecstacy). But career highlights aside, Jourdan Dunn just dyed her hair silvery blue, making for one major hair change. Looks like she's joining the ranks of recently pastel-ed stars like Hilary Duff and Julianne Hough!

I'm a fan of all colorful hair in general (I especially loved Rachel McAdams pink highlights from 2009 — oh, and of course, South Korean model Irene Kim is definitely a major player in the rainbow hair game), but Dunn's look is really something special. It's somewhere between silver and mermaid blue, with just a touch of purple thrown in for good measure — in other words, it's gorgeous with dimension to spare.

And you know what might just be the best part of the abrupt hair change? Well, when Dunn unveiled her new 'do via Instagram, she announced that she dyed her hair specifically to get ready for Coachella.. Forget stocking up on high-waisted shorts and floral crop tops and DIY-ing your own flower crowns, because ultra-on-trend silver hair means business. Let's take a look!

What do you think? Jourdan just introduced herself as a major player in the pastel hair game, right? Heck, it might just be the best silvery-blueish-purpley hairdo ever!

Images: Getty Images; Instagram