9 Awful Restaurant Customers Who Prove Why Being A Server Is So Miserable Sometimes

As someone who has worked in hospitality, I can tell you firsthand that restaurants patrons are sometimes the worst. It often felt like no one was taught even basic restaurant etiquette. I used to be a hostess at a busy East Village restaurant, and nary a night would go by without some jackass threatening to have me fired because something about their table wasn't exactly to their liking. I mean, I've been chewed out simply for telling a group of people that the restaurant was full and they'd have to wait for a full table. One of the guys in the group told me I was "just some hostess", "incompetent" and asked to see my manager after I, sternly but politely, told him there were no free tables, and that I was very sorrym but the wait would be around twenty minutes, and would they like to wait at the bar until a table became free? There are lots of patrons at restaurants who make it really, really sucky to work in the service industry, like these entitled brats who thought they could talk to their server disrespectfully.

Today in "People I'd Love To Gleefully Punch" is this guy: Faced with slow service, this incredible ass-face felt he was within his rights to not only tell as server how to do her job, but to tell her with ultimate disdain and rudeness. He goes on to condescendingly call her "honey", which is incredibly insulting, while she manages to stand up for herself while maintaining an incredibly polite and sunny disposition. This woman is my hero. Once when a dirt bag patron clicked his fingers at me and tapped me on the bottom, I told the service staff to make them wait. It took 45 minutes for them to make their order, and because it was a party of six the gratuity was added to the final check, so they just had to live with it. There's no way I was even half as patient as the woman in this video:

Who the hell does this kid think he is? He even had the ultimate AUDACITY to upload this video to YouTube, as though he was in the right, which he most certainly is not. Low blow: your shirt is super ugly, and your bleached hair sucks. And also, let's be realistic here: You're in what looks like a diner, which is probably busy and understaffed. Considering the waitress is both the manager and a server, we can probably surmise that this particular diner is VERY short staffed. There's a way to ask for things in a restaurant without being a jerk, especially when it's very clear that the person serving you is attempting to do their best, and are working hard.

You're not fine dining (and even if you were, it's still not okay to be mean), so expect that things aren't going to happen at a lightning fast pace. YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. Who raised this guy, is my question, and what ever happened to empathy and kindness? The caption to the video says that the patrons were servers themselves, so surely this should make them more compassionate? Ergh. I actually hate this guy. Meanwhile, I'm baffled as to why he's baffled that this "happens everywhere he goes", because surely you can recognize that if you're a totally wretched human, things are going to go poorly for you.

Here are some other customers who make life hell for servers:

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