Rachel Is The Best Part About 'True Detective' S2

The short trailer for True Detective Season 2 doesn't give us a lot of plot information for the central four characters, but it does solidify that Rachel McAdams is the most intriguing officer of the group. In the dialogue-less teaser, we don't see her doing anything intense like fighting someone or crying like co-stars Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn, and Taylor Kitsch do, but she appears to be the strongest one on the show. Even when she's in a group shot, the sheriff holds her own as the one you want to keep your eyes on, and more than once she's leading a team in a case, sometimes wielding a gun as she surveys the scene.

There are plenty of badass female cops on TV — see: the trio of Sophia Bush on Chicago PD , Mariska Hargitay on Law & Order: SVU, and Debra Messing on The Mysteries of Laura — but McAdams' character seems different. Maybe it's because she's harboring a secret that will unravel through the season, or perhaps it's just because she seems to have more power than any of the leading men on the show. Not only would the latter be a fantastic change of pace, but it proves that even in a show full of A-list stars, a female character can — and should — be the most important. We'll have to wait and see if that is truly the case, but based on the glimpses at her role in the trailer, I found six reasons why she's the most intriguing character of them all.

She's Always The Leader

She's the sheriff, so she's the first with her gun in the door — not following behind a group of men.

There's A High Chance She Uncovers Other's Secrets

This shot comes right after she walks in with her gun, though they may not be connected.

If She Has Secrets, She's Hiding Them Well

It's unclear what she's looking at her and whether it's professional or personal, but she appears to be deeply invested.

Her Role Isn't Just About Being Physically Strong

Yes, she can probably pack a hefty punch and take down anyone who gets in her way, but the trailer doesn't show her shoving people around with her hands — it seems to be more about her mind.

Even When She's Not The Focus Of A Shot, You Have To Look At Her

As Farrell and Kitsch exchange knowing glances and she looks away, is she pretending not to hear something? Turning a blind eye?

She Looks Like The Strongest Of The Group, By Far

Such a badass. Is it June 21 yet?

Images: HBO/YouTube