Will Chuck Return To 'Supernatural'? Rob Benedict Hints About Another Appearance & That God Theory

Supernatural fans, hold onto your knives, shotguns, salt, holy water, and first blades, because here is some exciting news straight from Rob Benedict, aka Chuck Shurley, aka Carver Edlund, aka Prophet Chuck, aka one of the best Supernatural characters ever. Ever since Chuck said goodbye to the series in Season 5, fans have been wondering about the lovable character. Seriously, where did he disappear to? Is he living the high life somewhere, writing, drinking, and sporting that famous robe of his? Well, there are many theories about Chuck's whereabouts, and Benedict reveals all kinds of details about his character.

So, let's get right to it: "Is Chuck really God?" According to Benedict, yes, he is, but maybe not in the sense that some fans are thinking. "Chuck's definitely still in his robe wherever he is," Benedict jokes. "The idea was that Chuck was supposed to be God in the same way that Eric Kripke [creator of Supernatural] is sort of God of the show Supernatural. Chuck was Eric Kripke."

So in the world of the show, Chuck is God in a sense. He may not exactly be the mastermind behind everything we've ever seen, but Chuck is one smart and holy dude. Benedict explains even further, "When you start getting into specifics of that series, it doesn't always lay in really perfectly with the bible of the show, the mythology of the show itself. But, if you just look at it as sort of a metaphor for Eric Kripke being the creator of show, the creator of that universe, that's what Chuck represents."

Now that Benedict has basically revealed all, will we ever see Chuck again, like we did in Supernatural's 200th episode? Based on Benedict's response, things are looking up for everybody's favorite author and prophet.

"I think in the 200th episode, it opened the door for the idea that Chuck is still there, he is still watching, he is kind of laying in wait," he says. "The idea, I think if Eric [Kripke] ever comes back and writes a few episodes, maybe direct a few, which I think is bound to happen in the next couple seasons, then I think Chuck will be back in a serious way. I think that's the idea."

Here's hoping we will see Chuck sooner rather than later.

Images: The CW; hedgehogsandnutella/Tumblr