Does Kylie Jenner Have A Secret Instagram Account?

The Kardashian-Jenner clan pretty much lives in the spotlight, so if Kylie Jenner has a secret Instagram account to keep a semblance of her life private, I'd respect that. Celebrities often have a separate account for posting personal photos and other pics that might not be "on brand," but based on her her sharing habits on her public Instagram account, I'm going to Kylie is one of those celebs. That, and I've searched for the account — there's really no mention of such a thing anywhere on the Internet.

Just last month, Kim Kardashian told Hollywood Reporter's Pret-A-Reporter blog that her stepdad, Bruce Jenner, has a secret Instagram account. Kardashian told the publication that Bruce set it up "so he can see what my sisters are doing, too." But she didn't say anything else about additional members of her family having secret social media accounts, leaving us all to wonder.

Based on her social media accounts and Instagram sharing habits, I would have a hard time believing Kylie does not like being in the spotlight. I mean, girl posts everything. Sure, it's mostly selfies, but she also 'grams a fair amount about her friends and family — just like anyone with a personal Instagram account would.

She has clearly contemplated getting a secret Instagram account before, but it hasn't been proven if the 17-year-old actually committed to creating one. As proven by the posts below, Kylie isn't afraid to show her true self on social media already — so why would she need a secret account?

1. She's Not Afraid To Embarrass Herself

I mean, if she can show herself falling face first on a beach to her 20.3 million (and counting) followers, then she has no secrets.

2. She's Not Afraid to Show, Well, All of Her

My mom would look at this and quickly retort "That leaves nothing to the imagination!" So, really, what else is there to hide on a private account?

3. It's Obvious She Takes Some Of The Pictures

And we're lucky enough to be privy to how she takes the pictures. Front camera or back camera? Also, duh guys, she did her own makeup, which truly looks professionally impressive.

4. She Shares Pics Of Her Real Non-Famous Friends

If Kylie's account was only about the life you see on TV, there'd probably be more photos of her and her sisters than her and her crew — but that's not the case.

5. She 'grams Like The Rest of Us

Even Kylie takes classic #foodporn pics! There's no reason to keep that a secret.