A Kickstarter To Solve All Bra Problems

By Candace Bryan

When you imagine shopping for bras, you probably imagine a whirlwind adventure, where you skip into a store, find several bra-panty sets that are the perfect blend of sexy and affordable, high five Adriana Lima, and go home happy and satisfied.

When you actually go bra shopping, though, it's a lot more frustrating. Whether you're in Victoria's Secret trying to stuff your boobs into sizes that don't fit (or turning your nose up at styles that are just tacky), or you're at a high-end lingerie store shaking your fist to the heavens because of course you can't afford a $300 dollar bra: problems abound.

Seriously, world: it's 2013. Women have had breasts for literally thousands of years. If we can make iPhones that recognize our fingerprints, can't we manage making bras that work for all women?

Fortunately, Ampere is a company founded by women actually looking to revolutionize the lingerie world, and they've launched a Kickstarter to help make that happen.

Based on the video below, it's hard to imagine why every women wouldn't want to support Ampere's cause. They offer 28 unique sizes, and you can try them on without leaving home. Plus, for only $95 you get a gorgeous silk and lace (not polyester) bra with a complementary pair of panties. It's a fair price for what's arguably the most important part of a girl's wardrobe.

As they mention in their video, 28 sizes is more than twice the number of options given at even some of the best lingerie stores. With how diverse women's bodies are, the Ampere mission is incredibly noble — and we'll be throwing some funds at the cause.