Tom Ford's Makeup Minaudiere Is Life

Carrying a clutch has always been a difficulty for me because where do you even put anything? But Tom Ford's Lipstick Minaudiere might have just made it a whole lot easier. Since it comes with the lipstick attached directly to the side of the clutch, that's one less thing you have to worry about stuffing in there. And the best part is that you can barely even tell there's a tube of lipstick on the side. Instead, it just looks like part of the clutch. I don't know what goes on in Tom Ford's mind, but he is literally a genius.

Made from plexiglass, the clutch is decked out in glittery perfection and comes in gold and silver. With a little strap, you can hang it at your elbow, or hold it the traditional way. The lipstick is a retro and relaxed shade of Vanilla Suede, because everyone needs a good nude lipstick. And when you see Naomi Campbell carrying it as she walks down the red carpet, the bag becomes that much more desirable.

And realizing how wonderful this clutch is has also created a new difficulty for me because where do I get the money to make this purse my own? Standing in at a solid $3,950, there is no way I will wake up to this Tom Ford original in my closet. But a girl can dream, can't she?

Images: Tom Ford (2)