Warn Your Wallets: Hukkster Is Back

Back in August, popular price comparison site Hukkster filed for bankruptcy and shut down. Since then, Nifti and WorthIt did great jobs to fill in the void, but my wallet and I are super ecstatic to hear that Hukkster is back and running now. When you check out Hukkster’s new site, you probably won’t recognize it as the site got a complete makeover under a new management and with a new vision.

If you’re not familiar with Hukkster, the site used to offer notifications whenever clothing and fashion items went on sale or dropped in their prices. However, with its new management under ERetail Media, Hukkster is amping up their dough-saving skills by providing relevant coupons on top of notifying you about the latest sales. This way, all those cute spring items you’ve been keeping your eyes on won’t end up sucking your wallet dry. Now you know how to spend your tax return.

With their new vision, Hukkster will be concentrating on curating 100 new deals every day that are actually great saves rather than just any old daily sales that you can stumble upon whenever. Hukkster’s content manager, Todd Foot, told Fashionista, “We don’t want to bombard them. We want to give them the best items.” Quality items and sale notifications? Sold and sold.

Images: hukkster/Instagram (2)