Twitter's Mad It's Not Ian Somerhalder

Though the response geared towards Jamie Dornan being cast as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey is definitely much less negative than when Charlie Hunnam was to take on the role, it seems that you really can't please everyone when it comes to casting a movie about a borderline abusive millionaire who's secretly into S&M and Jeff Buckley. While many fans were thrilled by the casting choice — namely those who have followed his modeling career because damn, boy — it seemed that for every positive message on social networking sites, there were about two from those lamenting that the role hadn't gone to he with the gigantic blue eyes, Ian Somerhalder.

Take Twitter, for example: The site that everyone goes to when they have an opinion to share on anything ever. Search Jamie Dornan (who's trending at the moment), and you'll see a myriad of messages from Fifty Shades fans applauding the choice, some messages saying that the choice will ruin the film and, thus, America, and most just from people who are pissed that they won't get to see Ian Somerhalder naked. Whatever choice the producers made, there's no placating the masses — not when you've got a fanbase so dedicated that they take the time to construct petitions when they're pissed about casting choices.

In honor of the news, however — and because I get a little joy out of seeing people freak out like this — here's a little medley of said reactions:

The Good

The Bad

The Ugh-Why-Wasn't-It-Ian-Somerhalder