Kuku Kube Is A New Game That's So Addicting, It Will Steal Your Life Force, So Don't Say You Weren't Warned — VIDEO

I know, I know—between your demanding day job, your family obligations, your BFFs, and that novel you kind of sort of never started, you have a real conundrum with "free time". There's just WAY too much of it. It's like you finish the end of every day with all these extra stress-free 45 seconds to chill and it's probably killing you on the inside. Fortunately, the internet's got your back, in the form of the optical illusion game Kuku Kube that you can download on your phone or play online. You'll never have to worry about having all those extra seconds of "free time" again!!

The concept behind KuKu Kube is laughably simple: You're shown a picture of cubes in a square grid, and all of them are the same color except one. Your goal is to find the one that is just a slightly different shade than the other, and once you click on it, it will then present you another, slightly more difficult grid with a new color, where you yet again find the square in the grid that is slightly off. You basically try to get through as many of these as you can in 60 seconds. Easy enough, right?

I'm not going to lie, I opened up a tab on my laptop and was very ready to be bored by this. I know it's been getting posted like crazy on Facebook, but based on the description, I was fairly unimpressed. I forgot one key thing about myself: I am so competitive that I will make an even the least sentient machine my enemy in two seconds flat. I was biting back a fountain of choice words for my computer screen by the second attempt, and will probably smash it before noon.

I present to you the emotional stages of your first Kuku Kube game:

Pfft, whatever, I passed kindergarten

WOW, very challenge, much difficult

*slow claps for the computer*

YAWNNNNNNNN and a half

Wait, wut?

No, no, it's good ... I, uh ... I got this




DON'T EVEN ASK ME WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THIS, GUYS. I DON'T KNOW. I'LL PROBABLY NEVER KNOW. (Just kidding, I'm going to own this bitch the second I get off work and probably die in a festering hole after forgetting the rest of humanity for thirty days straight HAHAHAHAHA can't wait.)

If you want to get ~really super good~ at this, because of all the good it's doing for the earth and all, there are supposedly "hacks" to help you get a high score on this game. I'm not going to look at them, because I used the Sims cheat as a kid and firmly believe it contributed a lot to me becoming the terrible person I am today. But hey, now that I've passive-aggressively guilt-tripped you, here's some hacks!

Sigit Prasetya on YouTube

See you all in hell!!!

Images: Getty Images; Kuku Kube (9)