Chloe Sevigny's Overalls Are Actually Fashionable

Actress Chloe Sevigny is the quintessential "It Girl" of the '90s. She was beloved by the pre-Jane alt women's mag Sassy and interned there, and her role in Kids thrust her into the national spotlight, where she was celebrated for her unique take on fashion. Chloe Sevigny makes overalls look sexy on The Edit cover, which is Net-a-Porter's digital publication, and she continues to make fashion her bitch by playing by her rules.

Farm chic isn't usually my thing, although I get why it's had its moments in fashion, since the look is unexpected. And I hate overalls, from the one-strap down look to the shorts version. They just feel very '90s, and not in the good, nostalgia-stirring way.

Then Sevigny comes along with a medium wash denim pair that spotlights and creates cleavage and has cut outs on the side, showing just the right hint of skin and I am left going, "She looks freaking hot and I want a pair!" I even love the buttons and how the shape of the top mimics a bandeau.

Sevigny is 40, yet this ensemble is youthful and appropriate at once. I love this look way, way more than those form-fitting denim jumpsuits J. Lo used to favor.

Here, Sevigny reminds us why she was the anti-Alicia Silverstone of her era.

Don't you want to wear this? I do and I am about as anti-overalls as it gets.

Truth be told, Sevigny isn't the sole person to make farmer chic look good. Here's three other examples of such.

1. Elizabeth Moss Topless In Overalls

Need I say more? Even with the actress' cuffed and baggy boyfriend version of overalls, going topless provides an instant sexy injection.

2. Winona Ryder Topless In Overalls

Winona Ryder did the same, with her messy pixie, twisted straps, and shirt-free pose. See the trend? She looked so gamine, lovely, vulnerable, and earthy.

3. Emma Watson Canadian Tux'ing

Okay, okay, so it's not overalls and is more like a J. Lo jumpsuit, but Emma Watson's Canadian tux and full denim ensemble on ELLE was hot because of the subtle touches, like the unbuttoned top.

Oh, and these are sorta overalls...

... but they don't really count, since they are white, artsy, and not something you'd wear while tilling the soil. This really is just pants with suspenders, anyway. But I wanted to share shirtless Bradley Cooper, so there.

Images: The Edit (1); New York; Rolling Stone (1); ELLE (1); W (1)