Scott Eastwood's Odd Connection To Ashton Kutcher

by Caitlyn Callegari

I'm not too certain where Clint Eastwood was hiding his debonair son all these years or why he'd ever do such a reprehensible thing, I just know that I am ecstatic he finally set him free. Sure, we've recently discovered that Scott Eastwood is an aesthetic gift, but as it turns out, that isn't the only thing he brings to the table. He also bares the gift of insight... otherwise top secret, celebrity scandal-type insight. You see, on Thursday night's Watch What Happens Live! Scott Eastwood said that Ashton Kutcher was intimate with his ex-girlfriend — while Eastwood was dating her. And, to beef up the already wild (but supposedly true) story, he said that he thinks it was the "catalyst" that sparked Kutcher and Demi Moore's divorce. Oh, Andy Cohen. What sort of truth serum do you stir into those mixed drinks?

So, yeah... from now until the end of time, the Longest Ride actor will be called upon to tell all of Hollywood's dirtiest, most confidential information, whether he has any idea about it or not. But hey, I respect his candidness. It's rare that you see a celebrity speak so frankly. Also, it should be noted that Eastwood's tale wasn't told with malice, but rather in a cheeky, appropriate tone for the sort of show that WWHL is. Honestly, he was an unexpectedly on point guest. See for yourself below:

This catastrophic story aside, all this ex-girlfriend talk has got the wheels turning. Sure, Eastwood isn't with that girl any longer, but who is he with? Or, is Eastwood single? Most importantly, if single, is he ready to mingle? Well, from the looks of things, he does appear to be unattached. As of last October, People reported that he and his girlfriend Brittany Brousseau were dunzo, saying, "Months after their romance made headlines in May, a source tells PEOPLE she and Eastwood are no longer together — but he was a bit more coy." They go on to quote Eastwood as saying, "I'm young. I'll be 29 in March. I'm just really focused on my career."

Since then, there doesn't appear to be too much talk over his dating life. Well, other than, a few quips in a Men's Fitness interview that was conducted in February. The magazine revealed,

In the past, the younger Eastwood has been linked with country singer Jana Kramer and model Brittany Brousseau but is single at the moment. He doesn’t want to rush marriage, he says, citing his mom’s path: "She’s still single — that played a huge role. She’s really comfortable with herself."

You know what? Mom's do know best. So you do you, Eastwood. It's really working for you.