Jamie Dornan Is 'Fifty Shades's Christian Grey, But Who Is Jamie Dornan?

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We were all very much bereaved when we learned that the sexy Charlie Hunnam would no longer be playing Christian Grey. We worried, we campaigned for our next-in-line choice and sat, waiting, fearful that this ill-begotten franchise would falter before it even began. But fear not, you erstwhile Christian Grey fans: Fifty Shades of Grey has a hot new leading man, and his name is Jamie Dornan. You might recognize him from films like Marie Antoinette or as Sheriff Graham from Once Upon A Time, if his name and those soulful eyes don't jog your memory.

But like... who is this guy? Sure, he's hot, although I wouldn't actually know since I keep getting lost in his eyes (sigh). Is he really qualified to play one of the most talked-about literary characters in recent history (Edward Cullen aside, obviously)? Tough to say, although the choice of two unexpected and lesser-known stars for the lead role suggests that Fifty Shades of Grey might just do the unbelievable and surprise us. Read through these helpful facts, get to know him a little better, and decide for yourself: Is this the S&M sex god of your dreams, or, is he just a good looking, blue-eyed imposter?

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