Who Is Cody Walker Dating? Paul's Brother Is Making A Name For Himself, So What's Up With His Love Life?

Almost immediately after his brother Paul Walker's death, Cody Walker, 26, was thrust into the spotlight. But he's taking it well and expanding his public image in honor of his brother. In fact, he's decided to pursue an acting career himself. This means that, now, people are curious to know more about Cody's personal life. For instance, is Cody Walker dating anyone?

We've learned a bit about Cody since the death of his brother. He's a humanitarian and he joined Paul Walker's foundation, Reach Out Worldwide, to continue Paul's efforts to provide disaster relief around the world. We also know that Cody and his older brother Caleb, 37, joined Furious 7 after the film's long hiatus following Paul's untimely death to help the producers finish the film. The two stood in as body double's for their brother's character, Brian O'Connor. And that's not all. There's a rumor in the air that Cody will continue as a part of the Fast franchise and will join the cast of the eighth installment of the series.

Now, with the MTV Movie Awards coming up this Sunday, there's a good chance that Paul's lookalike brother Cody will be on the red carpet along with others from the Furious 7 cast, and the inevitable next question is: who will his date be? Though he's a private guy, we know that Cody has been with Felicia Knox for quite some time. And she's got an impressive resume. According to Daily Entertainment News, Cody's girlfriend Felicia Knox, 26, is a talented engineer working for SHN Consulting Engineers and Geologists. In fact, she's so accomplished, that she was named Young Engineer of the Year in 2013 by the Professional Engineers of Oregon. Doesn't hurt to be dating a genius, and she is beautiful to boot.

Knox accompanied Cody when he accepted the Movie Picture Association of Haiti's award on behalf of his brother. Cody took the stage to accept the Posthumous Humanitarian award for Paul's work in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, giving an exceptionally emotional speech about his brother.

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Knox is also an activist. She is part of Paul's foundation, Reach Out Worldwide, and told People after Cody went on a mission to the Philippines:

The mission to the Philippines was a life-changing experience for all involved. And being that Cody was a working paramedic on an ambulance prior to joining ROWW, the transition to ROWW has been a great fit.

And it could be more serious than that, but this is PURELY speculation as the result of reading too much into a Google search (as is my way), but there's a registered wedding for August of this year for a Cody Walker and Felicia Knox... in Oregon. That's just food for thought, and you don't have to take my word for it...

Image: Cody Walker/Instagram