19 Things Only SCAD Students Understand

Attending art school comes with many of its own unique trials and tribulations — but few of those trails and tribulations are quite as unique as the ones you'll encounter at Savannah College of Art and Design. Frequent all-nighters, hefty student loans and kooky professors are nearly requirements for a four year stay at the Savannah, Georgia school where weird, introverted art students can blossom in a unique, nontraditional setting.

The city that surrounds the SCAD campus is beautiful, to say the least. Many of the city's historic buildings have been transformed into student housing and academic buildings — which is even more exciting once you start living and working in them, rather than just looking at them in the brochures. But while the view is pretty, living in Savannah comes with some notably non-picturesque hurdles —like trying to find empty parking spaces early in the day. Or how living on a nontraditional campus sounds super cool ... until you’re late for class and there’s no bus in sight. Or the joy of walking down Broughton Street with money to spend.

There might be more art students than native Savannahians roaming around downtown, but we all have the same understanding about what it's like to live in the Hostess City.

1. If You're Underage, You're Home After 10 P.M.

Savannah is famous for its amazing nightlife. This becomes painfully obvious when you're under 21 — when nighttime rolls around, there's nowhere to go but home.

2. Walking To Class Seems Easier Than It Is

You came to SCAD thinking, "Oh cool, I can totally walk to class from my dorm." But the first time you tried to put this into practice, you were stuck tending to all your newly formed blisters for a week afterward.

3. Waiting For SCAD Buses Feels Like A Slow Death

You've been waiting for the Red Route to arrive for at least 20 minutes now even though Transloc said it would be here 5 minutes ago.

4. SCAD Security Guards Are Hot...And Cold

Sometimes the person checking your ID card at the front desk is super friendly. Other times, it feels like they are giving you a death glare. And you never know which reception you'll encounter.

5. St. Patrick's Day Is Both The Best And Worst Thing Ever

If you're over 21, you probably think St. Patricks Day is Savannah is fan-flippin-tastic. If you're under 21, you'll want to lock yourself in your room until Spring Break is over and done with.

6. There's Always A Festival Going On

The Chalk Arts Festival, Sand Arts Festival, Savannah Film Festival, Savannah Music Festival...basically, if anything can be celebrated in festival form, that festival is happening in Savannah.

7. There Is So...Much...Coffee

Foxy Loxy, The Coffee Fox, Gallery Espresso, The Sentient Bean, The Foundery Coffee Pub and so many more make up the amazing local coffee shop scene. Who knew there were so many different ways to prepare espresso?

8. The Beach Is Always Closer Than You Think

Savannah is insanely close to Hilton Head and Tybee Island. Which means that lounging at the beach every weekend isn't a dream, but rather a very distinct possibility.

9. Historic Landmarks Are Everywhere

There are so many historic houses located in Savannah, like the Juliette Gordon Lowe House and The Pirate House. It's fun to explore and learn what the city used to be like — and even more fun because a lot of the museums offer student discounts.

10. Art The Bee Is Kind Of Creepy

Yes, the SCAD mascot is a bee. No, I don't want to take my picture with him.

11. You Can Only Get Pizza Delivered To One Academic Building

And it makes you so very sad. Yes, we know that Animation and Visual Effects majors are sleep-deprived and, thus, ravenously hungry. But so are the rest of us. We just want a slice of pizza too!

12. You Must Share The Road With Both Bus And Horse Carriage Tours

Which one is worse? The buses take up the entire lane and are impossibly to get around. But the horse carriages take their sweet time going across Broughton and are part of the reason you're late to class.

13. The Campus Always Offers New Surprises

There are loads of mysterious SCAD buildings that no one really knows about, even if you've been going here for a while. Charlton Hall? Never heard of it.

14. It's Impossible To Tell Eckberg And Eichberg Apart

One is for Fashion, the other is for Architecture. But who knows which is which?

15. You Know Riverwalk Is A Tourist Trap

You thought it would be nice to take a stroll down the famous River Street on your time off. Until you realize every shop down there is a gift/souvenir shop and it smells kind of funny.

16. You Recognize The Smell Of Paper Mill In The Morning

The closer you live to downtown, the more familiar you are with the scent of damp paper chemicals after it rains.

17. Spanish Moss Is Unavoidable

It's on your car, it's on your windows, it's growing in your hair.

18. Everywhere You Turn, There's A Different Fandom

SCAD students love to wear their fandom on their sleeve. All the time. Everyday.

19. The Art Scene Is Banging

That's what you came for, right? Savannah living can include a lot of hassles, but at the end of the day, it's a really cool place to live.

Images: andreasmh/Flcikr, Giphy (19)