Who Is Hillary Clinton's Makeup Artist?

Makeup is no effing joke — it's the difference between looking hungover and fresh-faced on a Friday after a rather wild night out for Thirsty Thursday. More importantly, it has the power to affect how people perceive your overall health and even personality. Hillary Clinton's makeup artist Barbara Lacy will do just that, as Clinton begins her campaign for presidency.

So who is Barbara Lacy, exactly? Well, to start, she's been our former First Lady's makeup artist for over a decade now. She has also served as the makeup artist for the comedy TV show Veep, although Lacy herself doesn't work on Julia Louis-Dreyfus' makeup on set. Aside from her White House work, she's got a pretty impressive resume, serving as the makeup artist for movies and TV shows, including Transformers, Step Up and The West Wing.

And this isn't the only time she's helped Clinton through her presidential campaign. Back in 2008, Lacy was in charge of how Clinton looked in interviews and appearances, and told the Hill in 2010, "If you don’t look healthy, if you look sickly or tired, these are things that people judge you by if they’re just looking at you and not listening to you."

Lacy continued on, telling the Hill, "My whole job was to make sure that people weren’t focused on [Clinton’s] face. Her face can’t be a distraction. And that means just looking good and healthy and rested. You’re noticing that the person really looks good, and you’re not really sure why, so you keep staring at them. And that’s the art."


In addition to building up her image, Clinton has also taken Kristina Schake as part of her communications team to avoid a mistake that "dodged" her the 2008 campaign—showing her softer side, according to The New York Times. This super star team that Clinton has garnered together, Lacy included, are bringing out the best possible Hillary they can. And tbh, they're pretty much already there. So sorry Veep, you'll probably be receiving a group text from Hillary later.

Images: Getty