9 Fictional Politicians Hillary Clinton Could Take Advice From Now That She's Running For President

Excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor after slipping in my own pool of happy tears because Hillary Rodham Clinton is officially running for President of The United States of America. She's been hinting quite heavily over the past few years that she would run, but, on Sunday, she finally made it official. Now, my dream of Clinton and Ruth Bader Ginsburg having a "Crush the Patriarchy" ladies luncheon Washington is even closer! The former Secretary of State, Senator, and First Lady already has a leg up in the primaries because she's been there before — after all, Clinton previously campaigned for presidency in 2008 (but ultimately she lost the candidacy to Barack Obama). So, I'm calling it now: 2016 looks like it will be the Year of Clinton.

If Clinton wins the primaries, she'll be the first female candidate to run for the Commander In Chief position. Needless to say, every news outlet (not to mention Saturday Night Live ) would have a major field day with it — but, going even further, Clinton's campaign could actually mean a lot for the entertainment industry. We've had a few female Presidents of the United States on the small screen, but Clinton's historical run could also influence the way Hollywood writes politicians. They could, y'know... write them for women. Crazy!

Now that she's officially announced her campaign, Clinton has a long road ahead of her — so here are some tips from our favorite fictional politicians to help get her through it all. Go Clinton!

Leslie Knope (Parks And Recreation) On How to Run a Successful Second Campaign

I'd vote for that.

President Selina Meyer (Veep) On Dealing With The Gender Bias


President Jed Bartlet (The West Wing) On Commanding Presidential Authority

When Clinton stands, NOBODY SITS.

Senator Smith (Mr. Smith Goes To Washington) On Standing Up For What You Believe is Right

researchdevelop on YouTube

No matter how long it takes, take your stand and give your piece to speak.

President Lisa Simpson (The Simpsons) On How to Explain Fiscal Solvency

tommy knocker on YouTube

With song!

Senator Kevin Keeley (The Birdcage) On How To Take Florida

DesEquiLIBROS Rafael Ballesteros on YouTube

Campaign hard in Miami!

President Thomas J. Whitmore (Independence Day) On Giving The Executive Order For War

FHEfoxconnect on YouTube

Throw in a Dylan Thomas reference when possible, it softens the blow.

Congressman Ben Wyatt (Parks And Recreation) On Dealing With the Press

Call them out on their bull, Clinton.

President Allison Taylor (24) On International Negotiations

saidemim8 on YouTube

That. Do that.

Images: shygirl364; veephbo; thefinestmuffinsandbagels; niveaserrao/Tumblr