Is It Ok To Walk Out On A Date? 7 Redditors Talk About The Times They Ditched Out

There are countless many reasons why anyone who’s ever been on a less-than-ideal first date might have been tempted to walk out (possibly without paying the bill, for which you’re afforded bonus points). But is it OK to walk out on a date? Over on the Internet’s front page, redditors recount the dates they walked out on, reminding us that we’re not alone in our misfortunate forays into conscious coupling.

In the spirit of full disclosure, my own first date walk out was with a man who frequented a coffee shop I’d worked at in college. After many months of his futile attempts at flirtation, he mustered the courage to pass me his number, along with an awkward suggestion that we grab coffee sometime (which, given the fact that we met in my coffee shop, seemed endearing and worthy of sympathy "yes.") A few weeks later he asked me to dinner. I reluctantly agreed.

While out to dinner, I asked about how he'd chosen to become a police officer. He spent the duration of the date sucking down Diet Coke (three in total) talking about the revenge-fueled reason he pursued the profession, his penchant for racial profiling, and his painfully boring recreational hobbies.

Let’s just say the date ended quickly and we never spoke a word to each other again.

The below stories of first dates gone awry echo similar accounts of impossibly awkward interactions, regretful exchanges, and awful rom-com dating cliches come to life. Behold, the best of the worst:

The Unsolicited Triple Date


A Lesson In Narcissism


The Conspiracy Theorist


The Body-Shamer


The Marine Todd Meme Come To Life


A Lesson In Objectification


The Biter


Honestly we’re all just better off alone.

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