'Finding Carter' Theory: Carter's Grandparents Instigated David & Lori's Affair To Keep Him Away From Elizabeth

I needed a little bit more mystery in my life, and now that MTV's Finding Carter has returned for Season 2, I'm getting plenty of it. Lucky for diehard Finding Carter fans, the first two episodes of the season have answered plenty of questions that we had during the show's first run while still keeping us in the dark about just enough. We now know that Lori is Elizabeth's egg donor, making her Carter and Taylor's biological mother, and that Lori had a brief affair with David. That's jaw-dropping information, but it's not everything — we don't know yet the extent of David and Lori's relationship or how Lori was able to connect with David, the person whose wife received her eggs, when the donation was allegedly done anonymously. The latter part is particularly tricky — that's just too much of a coincidence to actually be a coincidence, right? There must be more to Lori and David's connection, and my Finding Carter theory is that Carter's grandparents are involved somehow.

Elizabeth's parents have been on the show since the very first episode, but they haven't been given very much to do. In the first season, the grandparents appeared to be around to show Carter that she did have a family that loved and cared for her even outside of her parents and siblings — Carter had fond memories of her grandfather when she didn't remember her parents or twin sister. But as time went on, more was revealed about Elizabeth's parents, and it wasn't exactly as warm and fuzzy as the show initially let on — namely, the tension between Elizabeth's parents and David.

Elizabeth's parents have some serious issues with David, and though it's not explicitly stated, there are plenty of little digs that show they aren't thrilled with David's presence, especially from Elizabeth's mother, Joan. The most obvious? Elizabeth's parents, who appear to be wealthy, don't trust that David can provide for his family on his writer/teacher's salary. It's the grandparents who buy the girls a car to drive and Joan who makes snide remarks about Elizabeth being the breadwinner of the family. When David tells the story of how Elizabeth left him briefly when the girls were young, he hints that his in-laws didn't want him to see Elizabeth in the first place, and that their house was the first place Elizabeth went.

That's not the only thing that Elizabeth's parents dislike about David. It's very clear that they blame David for "losing" Carter when Lori abducted her all those years ago, as David was the one watching the girls. But what if that's not the whole story? What if it's the tension between Elizabeth's parents and David that actually brought Lori into their lives in the first place?

Using an egg donor can be very expensive, as The Donor Source shows, so it wouldn't be surprising if Elizabeth's parents financed the procedure for their daughter and her husband. If they were involved, maybe they somehow found a way to gain access to the records of the donor. If David and Elizabeth are telling the truth about the egg donation remaining anonymous, perhaps it was Elizabeth's parents who Lori first got into contact with. A desperate Lori could have begged for access to her "children," and the grandparents obliged — on one condition. In order to gain access to her biological daughters, Lori had to try to break up Elizabeth and David's marriage.

The theory may be disturbing, but it might not be as sinister as it seems. If Elizabeth's parents know more about David than they're letting on, then perhaps this horrible action was really to protect their own daughter — as misguided and wrong as it would be. Ultimately, there's so much we don't know about the characters on Finding Carter that it's hard to see who is right and who is wrong. These characters live life in a grey area, and Carter's grandparents might be no exception.

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