New York Woman Marries 10 Times In 11 Years, Skips The Whole Divorce Part

Polygamy may work for some, but let’s agree that willful participation needs to be a prerequisite to this becoming a reality. This minor detail wasn’t necessarily all the way made clear by the woman who allegedly married 10 times in 11 years without divorcing any of her prior partners. Because honestly, why go to all the trouble of filing paperwork and minding your tax exemptions? Just like, mentally cut ties and part ways, right? Wrong. The woman’s now embroiled in a tangle of legal proceedings for failing to properly end at least half of her marriages.

39-year-old Liana Barrientos is facing felony charges for allegedly marrying 10 men in an 11-year span, and reportedly divorcing only four of them, and only after wedding her new partners. According to Elite Daily, the woman jumped the broomstick “once in 1999, twice in 2001 and an unbelievable six times during 2002.” Six times in a single year. This certainly puts a whole new spin on the term “serial monogamist.”

The New York Times reports that the Barrientos allegedly married in 2002 on Valentines Day, but then married again 15 days later, and then again 13 days later “while still married to at least two men.” They add she has a record of "past convictions for drugs and theft of services."

But why would anyone, ever, choose to busy herself with so many men? The Times reports that the federal Department of Homeland Security is involved in the case, which might point to an immigration concern.

They also report she also owes several months’ rent on her last apartment and refers to herself in the third person on Facebook. I’m sure this won’t be the last we hear of her.

Images: Lyana Kristina Barrientos/Facebook