This Moroccan Biker Gang Will Give You #StyleGoals

If you're anything like me, as much as you love bold prints, you're completely terrified of wearing them. But one of Morocco's girl biker gangs is not, and they pull them off flawlessly. Originally featured in the Kesh Angels series, the women in these gangs are not only breaking all of the stereotypes about Middle Eastern women, but they are also changing the way everyone sees mothers, wives, and sisters.

Captured by Hassan Hajjaj, a Moroccan photographer and filmmaker, the Marakesh biker gang —which isn't even really a 'gang'— looks effortless in the same vibrant textiles that make their culture what it is. These women totally embody the vibe of the bustling main streets, mostly because that's where they work, presenting their artwork through the immaculate henna tattoos they give tourists.

And that's not even the best thing. When you see them ride their motorcycles, veils flowing in the wind, it's totally liberating. Not only are these women artists, but they're also mothers, wives, and speakers of up to five different languages. I feel like I can't even manage to learn German (and that's all I'm tackling), making them that much more incredible.

What started as a series of art and videos has been turned into a full-fledged documentary which focuses in on one specific angel. A Day in the Life of Karima: A Henna Girl will premiere May 13. Check out this clip to get a glimpse of their vivid printed styles below.

Image: Vimeo(1)