What Ralph Lauren Really Said To Kanye West

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about Kanye West meeting his all-time favorite designer, Ralph Lauren. And the whole time I was writing, I was wondering, "What did Ralph Lauren actually say to Kanye West?" Now that I know, I couldn't be happier. What is it that he said, you ask? Well, the one and only Lauren gave West one of the biggest compliments of all time.

When you look back at the original picture, you see West flashing one of the only real smiles that I've ever seen on his face. He literally looks like he's in heaven, and now I know why. In an interview with his current cover magazine T: The New York Times Style Magazine, West opened up about his most treasured moment (Sorry, Nori). "Do you know what he said when he did that," West said about the moment Lauren reached out and touched his face. "'This is my son.' And I was thinking, 'I knew it! I knew Ralph was my daddy!'"

It's times like this when I can't decide if West is making a joke or being serious — just like the time he explained why North was screaming at his runway show. If he's joking, I love it. If he's serious, I mostly also love it. This relationship makes me so happy, but never as happy as it makes West.