Britney Spears Rocks A Leopard Crop Top Flawlessly

Remember back in the day when the lower the jean, the better? Well Britney Spears' new music video proves that she's clearly stuck in that time, and it totally works for her because she looks incredible. While recording the video for her upcoming song, "Pretty Girls," Spears showed off her mid-section in a totally retro outfit that's reminiscent of her "I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman" days.

While on the set, Spears was spotted wearing a little leopard crop top with a pair of low, low rise jeans that she probably pulled out of her closet. She even had the sparkly belt to match the early 2000s vibe that the rest of her outfit was screaming.

In the picture the pop star posted on Facebook, Spears didn't even look like she was in the right time period. I mean, mid-Britney (circa "I'm A Slave for You") was my favorite Britney. So seeing her dressed in her traditional, belly-showing garb is fine with me. I just can't believe she's had two kids because if I could get my stomach to look like that now, I'd be overjoyed.

Here's the photo of Britney along with her dancers from the video:

And now look at this picture from the past. Please tell me that it's not the same outfit/time period/thing. Because, I mean, they are, right?

You are magic, Britney Spears. Pure magic.

Images: Vevo