This Redneck Epically Takes Down White Supremacist Culture, Calls White America to Task, All From Inside His Pickup Truck — VIDEO

People who self-identify as "rednecks" tend not to be the when it comes to issues of race, privilege, and personal responsibility in the fight for equality in America. Sure, #NotAllRednecks, but let's be honest: When you hear someone throw around words like "'Murrica!" unironically, you generally don't expect anything good to follow. What you definitely don't expect is a heartfelt, earnest message by a redneck calling out white supremacist culture as pervasive and damaging. Enter Dixon White—who goes by "W Honky" on YouTube—to pleasantly defy your expectations in his video "I'm a redneck and I love America."

White immediately identifies as a redneck (as exemplified by the fact that this video was filmed in his truck) and a former racist, claiming that "this redneck's reformed." He goes on to assert the many ways in which historically engrained racism and white supremacy have permeated every facet of American culture, placing the onus on white Americans to make the necessary changes, personal and systemic, to help fix that—or, as he so eloquently and pointedly puts it, "taking some fucking responsibility." While none of his arguments are anything we probably haven't heard before, that he is speaking on this issue so passionately is a great credit to the activists and people of color who have shared their lived experiences and made the case for the importance of allies. White also demonstrates a level of awareness and self-reflection that everyone wishes one day to hear from that one uncle at Thanksgiving dinner in lieu of another uncomfortable rambling against Hillary Clinton.

The entire video is available below. It's NSFW (a man after my own heart, White likes using f-bombs), so just in case you can't watch the full video right now, I wanted to end with one of my favorite moments:

Don't ever, ever, ignore racism. Take some fucking responsibility. It's the inaction that has always destroyed other peoples and other nations... 'I don't see color'. By God, you'd better fucking see color! If you don't see color how the fuck are you gonna help it? How are you gonna fix it? Our system sees color. Our culture sees color. We're indoctrinated to see color... See the black experience. See the brown experience. See what we did to Native Americans. See what colonization did... Black people live it every fucking day. Brown people live it every fucking day. Think beyond your own fucking experience.


Dixon White on YouTube

Images: Getty Images; YouTube