I Talked To People On Tinder Using Hillary Clinton Quotes, And This Is What Happened

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So, it's happening: Hillary Clinton is running for president, and regardless of whether she gets the Democratic nomination, and regardless of whether or not she wins the presidency, I think we can certainly count on her kicking ass at the process of running a campaign. Let’s be real: Hillary Clinton would be pretty boss at just about anything she tried. And if Hillary Clinton had Tinder, she’d be a boss at it. I feel like existing on Tinder takes just the right amount of discerning smarts and grit to survive the “what in the actual what is happening here” nature of the app, and she’s got smarts and grit in spades. Alas, even if Hillary weren’t married to Bill, and were so inclined to date, she likely wouldn’t even have a free second to download this app, let alone begin the tedious process of wading through the sea of (alleged) humans on it. Boss ladies got stuff to do. Thankfully, we’ve got her back—which is why I just spent the weekend responding to people on Tinder using Hillary Clinton quotes.

I need you guys to know that I committed to this wholly and entirely. Every quote that you will see in this Tinder extravaganza was mined from a Hillary speech or interview, and every year of her life was fair game. Also, just to clarify where this went down, I went out of town this weekend, so half of these fine single specimens are from New York City and the other half are from DC. (You can probably guess which group caught onto my little game faster.)

If there are two things I have learned from this experiment, they are this:

  1. We should all just stop being ourselves on Tinder and be Hillary Clinton instead. It made me feel more badass than my regular Tindering self will ever be, and I will be using this new confidence to own every other facet of my life immediately.
  2. TINDER LOVES HILLARY, because duh. Now that she's officially running for president, she can rest assured that she has the vote of every dude-bro who tried to hit on me up and down the East coast last night (and, of course, my vote too).
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