Adorable Old Man Sets Adorable Baby Turtles Free Into The Ocean And Everything Is Adorable Forever — VIDEO

Imagine for a moment that you wake up one morning in your beach house. (Lucky you! You have a beach house in this hypothetical!) You put on your big, ugly bathrobe, pour yourself a cup of coffee, then go out to grab your newspaper from your front porch. You open the door and are greeted by two things: the salty sea air sea turtles!!!!! Wait, where's your paper? Did your obnoxious neighbor take it again? Damn them! But you can't get too mad, because you're gazing down upon baby-frigging-sea-turtles! No one can be mad when looking at adorable baby animals. Focus on the itty bitty baby turtles. You have a few options:

  1. Close the door and ignore the babies (because apparently you are heartless monster with no soul).
  2. Immediately begin naming them. You could go with the obvious choices, Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, and Leonardo, but you're not obvious: You continue the painters trend, though: Caravaggio, Artemesia, Botticelli, and Hieronymus are a good start. HAVE SOME NAMES, BABY TURTLE FRAAANDS!
  3. Literally die of happiness.
  4. Bring them to the ocean so they can swim free as nature intended.

Well if you're the "funny grandpa" from this adorable video, you go with option 4 (though dare I dream he named them before freeing them?). And let's not undersell the role the grandpa himself plays in making this video awesome. His excitement is childlike and sweet as he cheers on the foundlings: "There he goooooooooooooooes! You go, kid! You go, kid! You gooooooo! There you go, fellers!" And his voice is somewhere between Larry the Cable Guy, Popeye, and Cartman. (My father-in-law makes a similar voice when he's being silly and excited and it's completely endearing.)


Full adorbs video below. A million internet dollars to anyone who can set this scene to the Free Willy soundtrack.

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Images: Getty Images; YouTube(2)