Do Karen & Daredevil Ever Get Together?

If you've reached the end of Season 1 of Netflix's Daredevil, then you're probably wondering about Karen Page & Matt Murdock and, well, romance. Despite Matt's infatuation with Claire Temple aka Night Nurse (in the TV version, not the comics), the season finale brings Matt & Karen together after she spends all season staring wistfully, asking Foggy loaded questions about Matt, and generally leaning into her boss at Nelson & Murdock. As they head back into their office, sending Foggy off to rekindle his romance with his Louboutin-wearing ex, Karen and Matt take each other's hands in what is definitely a romantic gesture. Since we have to wait another year for the continuation of the hand caress, I can't blame anyone for looking to comics to know what's likely coming next.

But first, let's just think about this: Claire leaves Matt in the second-to-last episode, saying that while she's always be there to patch him up, she's not willing to tie her life to him in a romantic way (the implication being that they could have some grand love if they were to attempt to be together). Claire isn't his romantic interest anymore. And who's left? Who's been dreaming of Matt all season? Karen. I think it's pretty clear that she's the next lady in line.

Comics readers know to be very, very hopeful about all of this. After all, Karen Page is Matt's girlfriend and love interest for much of the comics. Complications with Foggy continue to arise, giving the series a nice little love triangle to keep stoking in Season 2. Without spoiling what goes down in the comics — it gets very, very complicated — just know you can hold out hope for some more romantic moments featuring Charlie Cox and Deborah Ann Woll. 'Ship away, folks.

Images: Barry Wetcher/Netflix; gracefuldreamer/Tumblr