Selena Gomez Rocks A White One-Piece In New Photos

Selena Gomez is obviously hot, but if you need more proof, you have to see the photos of Gomez rocking a white one-piece for a photo shoot with photographer/makeup artist Jake Bailey. In the photos, which Gomez shared on her Instagram earlier this week, the singer/actress is soaking wet in a pool while wearing an absolutely gorgeous white halter bathing suit with a very dramatic cutout in the front.

The Instagram captions make it seem like this was just a simple little impromptu shoot in a pool in someone’s backyard — because don't we all look this amazing in our casually candid poolside photos? Bailey even called Gomez his muse, which is quite the compliment. Who wouldn’t want to be someone’s muse? Also, this shot is incredibly beautiful for just being a “quick little afternoon photo shoot.” Life just isn’t fair sometimes.

The good news is you can look just as Instagrammably fabulous as Selena Gomez this summer, assuming you can find an awesome photographer friend to take your picture. All you have to do is wear a white one-piece bathing suit with confidence, put some gel in your hair and find some nice waterproof eye makeup. Easy as pie (and some pretty solid genetics).

Here is a list of a few white swimsuits you can totally afford in order to copy Gomez’s sexy look. You're welcome.

1. This Halter One-Piece From Victoria's Secret

If you want a sexy one-piece, it's a no-brainer to check out Victoria's Secret's selection first. This simple white one-piece halter will keep all eyes on you. (Halter One-Piece, $98.50,

2. This Other Sexy One-Piece From Victoria's Secret

While the first option from Victoria's Secret has the halter much like Gomez's bathing suit, this version has the sexy deep v in the front. You can decide which attribute is more important to you. (Double-Strap Plunge One-Piece, $98.50,

3. This Slightly Off-White Version From Target

This swimsuit from Target has a fairly plunging neckline, but it's not too extreme. The strappy back is also super hot. (Strappy Braided One Piece Swimsuit, $44.99,

4. This Ombre Swimsuit With A Plunging Neckline from FELLA

If the plunging neckline is what you're after, this swimsuit is for you. The fact that is fades into blue ombre makes it even better. (Mikey Swimsuit, $200,

5. This High-Waisted One-Piece From ASOS

The subtle waistline on this one-piece bathing suit will give the illusion of longer legs, and the dramatic neckline is super sexy. (ASOS High Waist Deep Plunge Swimsuit, $32.62,

6. This Simple Cut From ASOS

This simple one-piece has the deep, plunging neckline and a beautifully elegant straps crossing the back. What more do you need? (ASOS Plait Back Plunge Swimsuit, $36.24,

7. This Slightly More Conservative Version From Nordstrom

If the plunging neckline isn't for you, you can still look sexy in this halter from Nordstrom with a high-cut neckline and low-cut back. (Rosemary Textured Halter One-Piece Swimsuit, $155,

Images: Selena Gomez/Instagram, Victoria's Secret (2), Target, Revolve Clothing, ASOS (2), Nordstrom