'To Catch A Predator' Kickstarter Could Bring The Show Back, But The Series Would Be Way Different

To Catch A Predator being amazing is sort of a fact of life, like the sky being blue, or the grass being green. Because, I mean, how could it not be? The show caught countless pedophiles and would-be child predators, and it gave us one of the best memes of all time. So, in response to this news that the former series' host Chris Hansen is creating a Kickstarter to bring The Catch A Predator back into the world, all I have to say is a great, big "YAAAAAAS!"

Before we start celebrating the return of this series, however, I should probably impart upon you all the details: According to the Los Angeles Times, Hansen is actually beginning the Kickstarter to fund a new hidden-camera series that would bear many resemblances to To Catch a Predator — but it wouldn't actually be To Catch a Predator. Instead, the series would be titled Hansen vs. Predator (A+ name, honestly), and it would debut online first before producers tried to sell it to television networks. The reasoning for this, as The Verge points out, is the controversy that surrounding the original series when it first aired on NBC between 2004 and 2007 — the show had its fair share of critics, and, eventually, it became difficult for NBC to sell ad space during the series. Debuting the show online would be a way to get around any potential controversy, and, in a sense, put feelers out to gauge public interest.

As for the specifics,Hansen vs. Predator would only need about $400,000 to get off the ground. Though fans won't be able to donate to the Kickstarter until Wednesday (rewards range from t-shirts to screening invites), something tells me that with all the press this venture is already receiving, it won't have any trouble getting off the ground.

So, with this show potentially returning, can we finally have a discussion about some other shows of the same era returning as well? Cash Cab? Taxicab Confessions? Anyone?