Hillary Clinton Announces Candidacy On 'SNL,' Building Up To Her Real Announcement For POTUS

It's been a big build up to Sunday, when Hillary Clinton is set to announce her candidacy for President of the United States, but on Saturday, viewers of SNL saw "Hillary Clinton" announce her run for presidency earlier than the expected announcement. Hillary Clinton is no stranger to being impersonated on SNL by some of the greatest names to ever be on the show, and this time was no different when Kate McKinnon took on the Clinton impression. And if this cold open taught me anything, it's that I really hope Clinton's announcement of her run for presidency is done in the same cooky fashion of SNL.

The skit starts out with a "scared" Clinton who is about to film her announcement on her Blackberry Curve, because Hillary Clinton is really really hip. "I'm kidding," Kate McKinnon says regarding about being nervous, "Let's do this." McKinnon's impression of Clinton features her as a woman who wants to use this announcement to get close and personal with the country, so she takes off her jacket (just to reveal the same jacket underneath). She goes through a series of announcements, and all of them seem to be a little off, but fear not because we all know that the real Hillary Clinton won't say "Citizens, you will elect me. I will be your leader."

A special guest appeared in the skit, President Bill Clinton. And while it wasn't the real Bill Clinton, for SNL fans it was almost as exciting as the real thing since it was Darrell Hammond, who reincarnated his Bill Clinton impersonation. Hammond's Bill Clinton was a little overpowering in Hillary Clinton's announcement video. He announced that he would be the Vice President — which Hillary quickly negated, because Hillary Clinton will be the Vice President candidate for Hillary Clinton of course. As she says, these two are such a "fun dynasty."

And while Hillary Clinton has a great sense of humor, I assume we can expect a more professional announcement on Sunday. And if it's just as goofy as the SNL skit, then I think we're in for a really fun 2016 presidential race.

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