Why Going To A Small College Is The BEST

Going off to college is just as thrilling as it is terrifying. The environment is new, you are treated like an adult, and with that comes the freedom to stay up as late as you want and go to class wearing pajamas. But while going away to some huge university might feel like a big adventure to some people, there are just as many benefits of going to a small college where everyone knows your name. And although it might seem a tad bit like high school at first — with fewer students on campus, the chances of you running into the same faces over and over and over again both inside and outside of the classroom are high — but there are actually a lot of ways this works to your advantage.

College is an entirely different way of life, and no matter where you go, you'll get to begin an exciting chapter of your life just the way you've always imagined. But it can sometimes be easier to transition from high school you into college you when you stick to a smaller, more intimate environment. And you want to come out of college as a motivated rockstar who's ready to take on the world, correct? That's what I thought. Here are all the reasons you should consider going to a small school where everybody knows your name.

1. Freshman year is 60 percent less scary

You'd adapt, sure, going to a big university with a sea of faces that all seem to blur together, but at smaller colleges, it's easier to meet people and find your footing right off the bat. Knowing a few of your classmates makes it easier to get settled in this new world, and gives you the confidence to tackle it with gusto.

2. Inside jokes will be endless

When you go to a small college, chances are you'll have a few familiar faces in each of your classes, which instantly gives you something to bond over. Remember so-and-so teacher and how she used to do ________ when writing on the white board? How crazy was that? You will hear and say a lot of similar questions like this that will bring you a surprising amount of comfort.

3. It offers an immediate way to escape a terrible roommate

You usually don't get to pick your roomie the first year, and you could very easily get stuck with a steamed-broccoli microwaving, dirty-underwear tossing, late-night horror movie watching weirdo. If you already have a network of close friends nearby to hang with, you can easily run away from your dorm room nightmare, if only for an hour.

4. You're probably still close to home, too

Chances are, you're probably not too far from your parents' house. And that means you can easily head home for a hearty meal, decent laundry machines that require zero quarters, and a quiet place to study. Oh, and your loving parents.

5. When school gets stressful, you have a strong support system

You will have bad days. You will feel overwhelmed with school work. You will hate everything. When sh*tty days happen, you have people who know you, who understand how you tick, and can offer guidance to get you through it.

6. You will have someone to sit with in every class

This is a stressful and awkward experience for everyone of all ages for all eternity. Walking into a huge crowded lecture hall alone and looking for a seat is just awful, but if you have buddies already, they will probably save you a seat. SCORE.

7. You form a tighter bond with your professors

Because they don't have eight million other students they have to keep track of, professors at smaller colleges often have more time to spend helping you outside of class. Take advantage of office hours, and get to know your teachers! This can also come in handy later when you're looking for references, or letters of recommendation.

8. You won't have to sprint across campus

Large campuses might seem like the best time — until you've got an 8 a.m. class that's a 30 minute walk away from where you live. Not to mention navigating all the different halls of a huge school can be overwhelming. At a small college, most of your classes will be within pretty close proximity to each other.

9. It's easier to stand out on a small campus

When you go to a big school, you can be an accomplished student but still live in relative anonymity. At smaller colleges, you have more opportunities to really stand out. Want to join the newspaper? You'll probably get more bylines on a smaller staff. Looking to run for Student Senate? Go for a leadership role that interests you! There will be fewer people to run against. Go ahead and let your stellar self shine.

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