'American Psycho' Is Quintessentially 80s

by Keertana Sastry

Well, we're old: American Psycho turns 15 years old on April 14th, and while the film is definitely one of the weirdest, darkest films of the last several years with an incredible turn from Christian Bale as the titular "Psycho" Patrick Bateman, it's also got some of the most dated references when watching it now. Obviously the film is set in 1980s New York City so dated references were a given. But it's still so strange to see giant cellphones, the hair, the style and so many more quintessentially 80s references in such a short amount of time. These 12 moments of the film are probably the most dated and honestly, it's just plain awesome to take a trip down memory/nostalgia lane!

But it's not just the style, it's not just the tangible items that seem more old-fashioned or basically obsolete. Some of the most dated moments from American Psycho are actually just scenes from the movie, personality styles and the way people treat one another in this setting, the Wall Street big money places. In fact, some of the scenes from the film should be considered outdated considering how much we're trying to evolve as people, but have yet to become fully obsolete.

1. The Suits

The overfit on the suit, the amount of button, the color and style combinations of the whole suit outfit, even the lapels on the jackets. It's all just so wrong. Men's suits look so much better now than they did in the 80s.

2. Women's Clothing

Poor, unfortunate Chloe Sevigny. She had the worst wardrobe in American Psycho. Seriously, this outfit is horrifying.

3. Landlines

Raise your hand if you know more than 5 people who still have a landline. Your parents and grandparents don't count.

4. These Cellphones

Hey Patrick, Zack Morris called. He wants his phone back.

5. These Headphones

Looks like two giant black cotton balls are sitting on Patrick's ears. It's just not a good look.

6. The Music

Phil Collins, Huey Lewis & The News. Both are just so dated now, even if it is fun to listen to them while going through nostalgia. Though I love the Tarzan soundtrack (by Phil Collins) to this day.

7. White Scarves On Tuxes

Is this still a thing? Because I've never understood it.

8. Treating Assistants Badly

Can we just stop acting as though assistants are property and beneath people as a general rule of thumb? Can this practice please become obsolete? Assistants are the lifeblood of most offices.

9. This Version Of Justin Theroux

I want The Leftovers era of Justin Theroux or nothing. He's just so damn perfect on that show.

10. The Hair

The men and women's hairstyles are horrendous from the 80s. Thank goodness it's no longer regular practice to just sweep up large, random portions of your hair anymore. Everyone looked like Mary Jensen in this era.

11. A CD Collection & This Music System

Just look at that glorious old music system and CD collection. Thank goodness for iPods if only for the sheer amount of space that was made in people's homes after getting rid of so many CDs.

12. Douchey Guys

You know this type of guy: The ones that look at themselves in the mirror while having sex like Patrick is doing in the image above, the ones who say that women have no personalities. These men are technically not yet obsolete, but the sheer aggressiveness of their douchebaggery is certainly dated. Let's get rid of this quality completely guys, shall we?

Images: Screenshot/Lions Gate Films (12)