Will Darrell Hammond Play Bill Clinton On 'SNL' All Season? It's Unlikely, So Here Are Some Other Options

On Saturday night, we got our first glimpse at Saturday Night Live's new sketches about Hillary Clinton's run for presidency and I've got to say, so far I have high hopes guys. Kate McKinnon's portrayal of Clinton's announcement for presidency, which will take place on social media on Sunday, had the perfect balance of parody and respect for the politician. And SNL gave the gift of Darrell Hammond's return as President Bill Clinton. Now that Hillary Clinton is a likely official presidential candidate, it's obvious that SNL will provide us with nonstop sketches involving news that breaks about the politician's journey through the election process. If history proves accurate, Bill Clinton is bound to provide the cast with all kinds of great material, but will Hammond come back every time to do the sketches? Or will another cast member fill his enormously talented shoes?

In Hammond's 14-year history on the series, my favorite impression of his has always been Bill Clinton (though that Sean Connery impression is a close second), so seeing the comedian back at home on Saturday night was easily a highlight of the episode. But is it really feasible for him to continue coming back episode after episode, especially if Hillary Clinton officially becomes the Democratic nominee for President? Here are some other options of cast members who could take on the Bill Clinton impersonation.

1. Beck Bennett

Saturday Night Live on YouTube

Yes, Bennett is still a featured player but come on, this guy is hilarious. He not only has the right look to play a politician like Bill Clinton, he's also proving to be quite the versatile performer on the show with both impressions and some of the weirdest sketches ever on the series thanks to his partnership with Kyle Mooney. I like him a lot and I think he could take over Hammond's place if necessary.

2. Taran Killam

AccessSmitty on YouTube

Taran Killam has quickly become an all-star player on SNL, playing hilarious original characters like Jebediah Atkinson and taking on several amazing impression including his brilliant takes on Brad Pitt, Christoph Waltz and Matthew McConaughey. So why couldn't he figure out a way to do Bill Clinton? If anyone on the show right now could just pick up an impression, it's him.

3. Darrell Hammond

Kelly Allen on YouTube

Hey, I never said Hammond definitely couldn't come back. I only said it was unlikely. But think about it this way. At this point, Hammond's Clinton is basically iconic and for anyone else to take over will be huge uphill battle. Why couldn't Hammond come back for more? Most episodes could include some kind of Hillary Clinton-related sketch but that doesn't mean every single one has to include Bill Clinton as well. Plus, Tina Fey came back on to the show quite a few times to portray Sarah Palin because there was simply no one better. Hammond's recurring return is a possibility that should not be ruled out just yet.