Nattch Social Media App Aims To Be First "Distraction Free" Social Network, Even Though There's No Such Thing

Tired of all those ads and memes on your Facebook newsfeed? You might want to try Nattch, a new mobile social network that aims to be more “distraction-free” than other popular social media sites.

According to Tech Crunch, those who are tired of the endless GIFs and animal videos on their Facebook or Twitter feeds may find relief on Nattch, which focuses solely on the connection between users and their friends. Apparently, Nattch rejects what it calls “garbage” content (clearly, they haven’t seen all those beautiful Ryan Gosling memes), instead encouraging users to share only updates about their actual lives. That means no posting funny cat videos, Taylor Swift GIFs, potentially interesting articles, etc. The idea is to provide a “clean” site that takes social networking back to its original purpose — maintaining an online link with friends and acquaintances.

“After spending a couple of minutes browsing my news feed I start noticing that most of the stories I was looking at were random stories, things that I didn’t choose to see and were irrelevant in my life,” co-founder Mauri Saavedr said of his inspiration for the site, per Tech Crunch. “For every good story there were like six unrelated stories that I didn’t even care about.”

Mauri Saavedra on YouTube

It’s a scenario we’re all familiar with. You log onto Facebook to wish a friend a happy birthday, and an hour later, you’ve realized you’ve read three articles, watched a couple of videos, and liked a photo or two, but still haven’t done what you originally signed on to do. So on the one hand, I get the appeal of what a site like Nattch is trying to establish: the social connection element of Facebook, with none of the time-sucking extras. Still, I also can’t help but think that part of the fun of the Internet is exactly the latter. I mean, isn’t any social network a distraction in itself? Might as well see some cute baby animal pics while you’re at it, right?

Still, for those who prefer bare-bones networking and want to give Nattch a try, the app launched last month. It currently costs $1.99, a fee which covers the first two years of your subscription.

Image: Nattch