HOW Much Did Beyonce Spend On Her Coachella Look?

Far be it from me to question the actions of Queen Bey (for fear of the Beygency sniffing me out), but Beyoncé probably could've gotten the same outfit at Forever 21 for WAY less money. Just saying. Beyoncé wore a peasant dress and fringe vest to Coachella that reportedly cost a collective $8,000. Really puts things in perspective, eh?

Bey attended the Indio, California festival on Saturday afternoon in a Saint Laurent outfit that probably helped her fit in amongst the sea of boho-looking kids. A Coachella style Twitter account caught her in the crowd and itemized her outfit. Her "suede waistcoat" clocks in at $3,190 and the "floral boheme" dress retails for a cool $4,790. That makes a total of $7,980, not including state sales tax, nor her gaucho hat. Meanwhile, I found almost a dollar in quarters under my bed yesterday, so, that's how my life is going...

Now, if you have the disposable income, there's no shame in spending it on clothes. Hell, I know if I were sitting on top of the pile of cash that Beyoncé uses as her fainting tuffet, I'd sure be buying a lot of absurdly expensive clothing. Then again, would I be spending said money on what Jezebel's Kara Brown rightfully calls out as a straight up costume? My intuition says, "Nah... probz not."

Perhaps I'm just a fool, but for some reason, I expected a bit more from Beyoncé. I mean, Rihanna looked cool, right? And they're kinda friends through Jay Z, right? You'd think that they'd conspire to wear some totally bonkers, face-meltingly cool outfits and put all the festival fashion-clad basic individuals to shame. But I guess that's the problem with having expectations, ain't it? The Universe just loves to dash them.

Images: Getty; beyonce/Instagram