There's A Clinton Family Easter Egg In Hill's Vid

If you're too young to remember Bill Clinton's thumb, then let me fill you in, kiddo. Back in this decade called "the '90s," Hillary Clinton's husband Bill ran for president. (Spoiler alert: he won, twice!) So, during Bill's campaign and presidency, his thumb became a star. He had this gesture, this, make-a-fist-and-put-thumb-on-top-of-fist-and-move-fist-up-and-down-when-speaking thing that was quite the scene stealer. It was so characteristic, in fact, that the gesture became known as "the Clinton thumb." Apparently, Hillary Clinton liked the move, because she used the Clinton thumb in her video announcing that she's running for president in 2016.

Urban Dictionary defines the Clinton thumb as a signal that means: "I want to be forceful without looking like I'm threatening you." Not bad, not bad. At the very end of Clinton's "Getting Started" video, she uses the gesture to drive home her point that she hopes you'll join her on this journey. While imploring you do so, she manages to look non-threatening, passionate, and motivated. Point being, the Clinton thumb move works. (So does supporting gender equality and marriage equality, but that thumb has magic powers, too, swear.)

Will Clinton use that Clinton thumb on the campaign trail? Only time will tell. We'll have to keep our eyes peeled on that right hand of hers in Iowa, her first stop on this journey. I, for one, welcome the return on the Clinton thumb on a Clinton on a Clinton campaign trail.

Hill's got some moves

Bill likes it

Watch Clinton's campaign video below. Thumb happens around 2:06.

Images: HillaryClinton/YouTube; Huffington Post