6 Reasons DIY Dry Shampoo Will Change Your Life

By now, you've likely all heard about dry shampoo, the miracle product that saved all of our strands from overwashing them to death. But, beauty gurus, have you ever tried making your own dry shampoo?! Yeah. It's next level. If you thought the store bought stuff was good, the homemade version is gonna knock your socks off.

The first time I heard about dry shampoo was back in high school when I was combing through a magazine I’d happened to pick up. There was a blurb announcing that the product was making a comeback, and I still remember my immediate reaction: “Oh my gosh, I need that.” (This was before OMG was something people said, mind you.)

With hair that starts to look greasy just one day after a wash, the idea sounded like a dream come true. Years of long locks meant devoting a lot of time each morning to shampooing, conditioning, and drying — time I preferred to spend sleeping. If I owned this magic substance, I knew I’d save myself so much hassle. Yet for reasons I can’t recall, I never ended up buying it. Only recently did I see the light when a friend mentioned that she makes her own dry shampoo. I knew I had to try it, so I got her to send me the dry shampoo recipe she found on I found it wasn't as good as I’d hoped — instead, it was so, so much better.

Lately, I've been giving away bottles of the wet-dry version of WellnessMama’s shampoo to my friends like I’m Oprah and it’s one of my favorite things. Since I can’t make it for all of you personally, here are six reasons why you should try it yourself (if you haven’t already), along with tips for use.

1. It’s so easy to make.

For my test run, I adjusted the recipe to make just enough to fill a little plastic spray bottle, and the math took longer than the actual measuring, pouring, and mixing. To save myself that trouble, I made a full batch the next time. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it takes about five minutes, and the result is enough to fill your bottle, give some to friends, and still have more left over to store in a jar for refills. It naturally separates, but you just have to shake it until it’s mixed completely before use.

2. It works.

It used to be that I couldn't wear my hair down unless I’d washed it that day or mayyybe the night before. I haven’t tried to go a full week without washing it, but thanks to my DIY dry shampoo and curling wand (another “favorite thing”), I can wear my hair down three days in a row between washes now. It’s amazing. I just spray my dry shampoo around my roots, let it dry, and then brush and finger comb my hair to make sure the power ingredients aren't visible. Plus, it's even handy for styling clean tresses.

3. It's cheaper than the store-bought version.

The ingredients in the recipe I use are all items that most people already have on hand. If you do have to go out to purchase any of them, they’re all cheaper than a bottle of store-bought dry shampoo would be when you consider that cost per volume.

4. You can customize it.

Depending on your hair color, you’ll use different ingredients in your mixture. I’m a brunette, so there’s cocoa powder in mine. I like my hair smelling like chocolate, but any essential oil or scent can be added to get the fragrance you want or to serve your specific needs. For example, you could add tea tree oil to fight dandruff or lavender oil for a calming effect.

5. It's better for the environment.

Most dry shampoos you find in stores come in an aerosol can. I learned in my elementary school's musical in third grade that you’re killing the ozone when you spray that stuff around. It turns out that aerosols don't contain chemicals harmful to the ozone anymore, but they do have others that contribute to asthma-inducing smog and your carbon footprint. DIY wet-dry shampoo can be kept in a simple travel size plastic spray bottle, which is reusable. I recommend removing the top after each use and rinsing it until only water sprays out, otherwise the mixture can dry in the tube and clog it. It takes all of five seconds and keeps the spray top functional.

6. There’s that sense of accomplishment.

Not only do I feel good about my dry shampoo being more eco-friendly, there’s also just something nice about knowing that I made it myself. It'll make you want to give yourself a pat on the back.

Images: Eugenio Marongiu/Fotolia; Giphy (6)