Marco Rubio Just 'Game Of Thrones'-ed Himself

In the wake of the blaze that was Hillary Clinton's presidential announcement, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is hoping one major TV series will help boost his visibility. On Sunday evening, Marco Rubio referenced Game of Thrones to tease what is expected to be his official presidential bid nomination on Monday. The tweet was released a minute into the East Coast airing of the HBO show's highly anticipated Season 5 premiere.

Playing off the familiar Stark family motto, "Winter is Coming," Rubio's official Twitter account released an image with the words, "Big News is Coming." With the caption "Brace yourself...," the image showed a Monday 6 p.m. time stamp and included the senator's website. The tweet added #NewAmericanCentury, which might possibly be a hint at Rubio's slogan and theme for his presidential run.

Reports emerged weeks ago that Rubio would declare his candidacy on April 13, and it appears as if the Republican's campaign camp had planned to coincide the timing of his announcement with the Game of Thrones season opener. Rubio's GoT shout-out is either a smart play at young voters' attentions or a lame attempt at hijacking the obvious buzz surrounding the popular HBO show. After all, the tweet's use of #GameOfThronesSeason5 must be an attempt to put Rubio into the conversation about the show's premiere.

Would an unwitting fan who stumbles across Rubio's teaser tweet actually tune in on Monday to find out the "big news?" Probably not. But the Game of Thrones reference could help the 43-year-old junior senator who doesn't have the same name recognition or financial support as some of his peers do. There's no doubt that a number of candidates will vie for the Republican Party's nomination. Not only does the tweet tell voters Rubio is running, it also helps them find out who Rubio even is.